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Randi Logan

Randi’s true fitness journey began after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2017.

Putting in hours upon hours of research towards diet and exercise that she could use to help herself and others around her. She began practicing yoga daily and avidly hiking any trail she could find on Vancouver Island. Mid 2019 she decided to try something she would’ve never imagined herself doing and jumped head first into running (her first race ever being The SeaWheeze half marathon in Vancouver.)

After catching the running bug she quickly signed up for any race she had the opportunity to run.
In her spare time she can be found studying all aspects of diet, supplements and exercise.

Active Body Training - Jennifer Hotner Trainer



Jennifer began her fitness journey in 2006 at a local woman’s gym. She slowly began adding more activities such as: Jazzercise, Aqua Fit, Boot Camp, and walking/running the track. She became hooked and was always looking for a fun new fitness challenge. She was quickly encouraged by her boot camp instructor to become a trainer so that she could share her success and passion for fitness with others. Using her background in cooking nutrition she is able to help make sure that not only is your diet healthy, but tasty.

Fun fact:
National Level Powerlifter, Hold Women’s Open 72kg weight class Squat record (150kg Squat)

Active Body Training - Lix Rogers Trainer



Liz has had a passion for fitness since she was in high school. after starting to work out at the gym, and being there all the time, she was asked to teach a few classes. It was during these classes that she began to develop her undying love for fitness. All this in turn, led to an interest in being with like minded people, who share her adoration of fitness, which led her to pursue a career in the fitness industry, as a personal trainer. Now she can use her passion for fitness to benefit her clients lives; one workout with Liz at a time.

Active Body Training - Bryaton Makus Trainer



Bryton has been a Personal Trainer at Active Body Training since 2014. His favourite part of training clients is getting them motivated and fired up to reach their goals; seeing their movement quality, strength and their overall confidence improve is also very rewarding.

Bryton takes pride in being a well-rounded coach by being able to guide trainees to their individual goals, whether it be fat loss, muscle mass gain, or strength gain, in either Powerlifting or Olympic lifting.