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28 day Nutrition Program

The Balanced Habits™ KICK START program was developed in 2008 by Nutrition Expert, Carolyn Fetters for her and her husband’s fitness clients who were seeking a quick body transformation.

About Balanaced Habits

Kick Start

What Makes KICK START So Effective

Our KICK START program is 28 days of guidance, education, accountability, and plain and simple recommendations to reach your weight loss goals. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and looking for the right fit, the BH KICK START is perfect for you to see what’s possible in just 4 weeks time right from the comfort of your own home. It’s really simple. So simple that we often refer to it as the “read it and eat it” program.

Who’s Kick Start for?

People who have a short-term goal tend to love this program the most! Or anyone who is curious about what they are capable of achieving.

Tips and Tricks

Learn nutrition, food prep, and recipe tricks to “hack” the amount of effort and time to get your body, health, and energy back.

Support and Benefits

Experience the benefits of the 28 Day KICK START even when no Balanced Habits™ authorized locations are near. You’ll receive all of the support and benefits of the program, but with the convenience of participating right from the comfort of your own home.

Participants have seen proven results