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We deliver unprecedented body transformation in shockingly short periods of time, every time, no matter your age, condition, or genetics. Our programs safely and comfortably perpetuate gains in strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, and cardiovascular conditioning simultaneously and at levels never before thought possible drug free.

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How To Become The Superhuman You

Every one of us has a superhero underneath our skin—right in our DNA—who is ready to perform superhuman feats of strength. Our training programs tap into your most primal levels of energy, focus, and power—and convince your inner superhero to come out.

Optimization of Exercise Technique

Using optimized exercise technique is critical for safety, strength and ongoing progress. Strength and safety should be synonymous and optimal exercise technique should increase both strength and safety simultaneously.

As you progress, your technique must get refined to maximise strength acquisition—and that requires mastery of numerous overlooked subtleties.

We’ll show you step-by-step the optimal (and required) techniques and their subtleties to master each exercise and minimise risk of injury even as you progress through higher and higher strength levels.

Optimization of Nutrition

You also cannot progress if you find yourself in a battle with yourself (your inner superhero). The food you eat is very personal and if you battle through hunger or if your body craves something that’s missing, you will suffer needlessly. And then you’ll stop and eat what you want.

The stakes are higher when it comes to fitness programs because the diet versus exercise debate has traditionally accepted the view that “It’s 90% diet.” You’ll have to accept (often painful) limits or else you won’t progress.

But this is just the nutritional program equivalent of saying “No pain, no gain.”

Optimization of Exercise Programming

Great technique and great nutrition are not enough. For optimal results, you need optimal programming. And since the vast majority of people do not get results (and most fitness coaches fail to deliver results for their clients), something is clearly broken with fitness programming.

The problem is too many people think in terms of sets, reps, days … but 3×10, 6×6, 5×5, 8×8, 10×10, anything x anything, does not constitute effective strength / size programming.

Clients With Massive ‘Before and After’ Body Transformations